Hiked uphill with my crashpads

I hiked up the hill to the rims with my crash pads, both my Petzl Cirro (on my back) and one of my Petzl Alto’s (carried in my hand), and my iPad Mini to take some photos of the crash pads for a review I am writing.  The temperature managed to hit 82ºF today and I was hiking uphill in the sun!  Wow, was that ever a hot hike!  I got a bunch of shots of the crash pads at different places with the rims in the background and each photo was taken with the idea of size comparison between the two pads in mind, as well as taking a beautiful shot with the rimrocks in the background.  I had to hike a lot further than I had anticipated because the graffiti “artists” have been busy painting the sandstone with stupid signs and tagging the rocks with their unimaginative “signatures”.  It just looks like garbage.  People have no respect for nature any more.  I really hate seeing that.  Crime and bad taste aside, the hike was good for me.  I got a little color, even!  At least I know that I can get my crash pads up there by myself, should I decide to go bouldering by myself in that particular area.  IMG_0649

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