Climbing to fight the demons

I slept okay last night, which was much better than I thought I would sleep. I’m waiting for the climbing gym to open so that I can get rid of some demons. Climbing is the only thing I have control over that can push them aside and allow me to enjoy some peace in my life. I’m passionate about climbing for a lot of reasons and that’s one of the main ones. I hope to get a belay partner this morning so that I can work on “Chasing Dragons”-that green 5.8 route. I know I can send it! I might do some laps on the auto-belays and some bouldering, too. I definitely need to hit the exercise bike for 30 minutes or more this morning. I feel really tight and sore, and I need to warm up well. An additional thing that I’ll have to do is tape up my right hand due to the blister on it. I need that to heal ASAP!

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