A good visit with the Doc about my blog

The Doc and I had a good visit this morning at my appointment. We talked about my blog, because he had seen the Volume 2 tome that I had given his office manager. “Wow! You are prolific!” We got into his office and continued the conversation. “Run with it!” he said. “I’m waiting for you to hit YouTube.” I told him that would be after I lost 100 more pounds. “You wouldn’t have to show yourself in it. You could be this mystery person…” That’s true. “You have to build the suspense.” This, coming from an English major and former high school English teacher. He would know. “I haven’t read your blog, but I assume it’s good. I don’t read it because it might affect the therapeutic relationship thing. You know.” Yes, I know. It was good to hear him say it, though. In human relationships, we have to be ever so careful. I had suspected that he didn’t read it for that reason, and to hear him tell me that was a relief. I wouldn’t blame the man if he didn’t have time, either, though. I told him that my MyClimb reviews were going to be published and he suggested that now, with this MyClimb thing going, I could get companies to send me products for free to review. Oh, such a way things have of falling into place! “Keep writing,” the Doc said as he shook my hand.

On a related note, my friend is trying to get her daughter to try climbing and asked me if I would be willing to introduce her to it. Of course! I’m excited to meet her daughter and take her climbing! If it’s not her thing, then it’s not her thing, but I have a strong suspicion that she’s going to love it once she tries it. I’m going to be surprised if I’m wrong about that. It will be such a confidence booster for her, too! She’s a young adult with an old soul – a kindred spirit of mine.

Being an old soul is a hard existence when you’re young, let me tell you. You have to make the tough decisions 30 years before your time and others don’t take well to that because you’re so young. Others resent it, at best, and you find yourself being a loner. You also find yourself being incredibly independent, mature, trustworthy, respected, and well-liked by people 20 years or more your senior. What does that mean for your social life? The opportunities are endless as long as you don’t mind hanging out with older people! You benefit greatly from this arrangement as well, because people who have lived longer usually have more experience and wisdom to share; they are more than willing to do so if you’re willing to listen. Most of my dearest friends are at least 25 years older than I am, or are old souls themselves. If you’re an old soul, hang in there. Things will fall into place. Keep trying new things and stick to your guns when it comes to doing the right thing. You’ll be happier for it! When the chips are down, you’re the person everyone is going to turn to, and you’ll be ready to lead them without fear or hesitation. That’s what old souls do…

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