Six hours of making fence

I just got done fencing in some saplings at the field with my mom today.  What a day of hard work!  Driving posts, stretching fence wire, piecing together sections of fence to make longer sections, wiring and weaving the fence together and to the posts, pulling posts, carrying poles and posts – that was all part of my day; it was a hard day.  My mom and I got one of the two fencing projects we had to do finished just as the neighboring farmer began burning his fields off.  The smoke was unbearable, so my mom and I called it a day and returned to town.  I showered and my mom washed my clothes for me.  Supper consisted of salmon patties – one of my favorites!  We were out at the field for six hours fencing today.  The deer destroy the saplings with their antlers; this fence is an attempt to save the trees from that fate this year.  I hope it deters them.  As a reward for all of this hard work, I got to share the bounty of the field with my mom…  XePE5Mn9RI2Do945GrK+LA

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