Goals for Week Three of MyClimb Fall 2018

Chris Jones – Goals for 17-23 Sept 2018
MyClimb Fall Challenge 2018

1. Work on outdoor bouldering project “The Howling” V5
2. Work on indoor toprope project “Chasing Dragons” 5.8
3. Work on mock leading at the climbing gym
4. Work on visualization, both in bouldering and in route climbing
5. Get an alpine start every day
6. Continue working on MyClimb 100-Climb Monthly Challenge progress (attempts don’t count, so I’m only at 11%, haha!)
7. Work on having only positive thoughts during climbing sessions – no frustrations, no self-defeatist thoughts, no doubts, no negativity whatsoever – to keep myself in the zone and absolutely focused
8. Stay in the moment – do not worry about the move before or the move after the move I am doing on the wall right at the moment
9. Focus on body position on the wall while climbing
10. Shorten this list! Wow, I ended up with a lot of goals for the week, haha!

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