Bruised my knee and miscellaneous other…

I have a good-sized bruise on my knee from my last fall yesterday at the climbing gym.  War wounds!  It is sore, but it will not keep me from climbing later today.  I do not bruise easily, and I knew it would bruise because of the pain it caused me yesterday when I whacked it.  Oh, well.  At least I have something to show for my climbing yesterday!

I wrote my weekly MyClimb Fall Challenge 2018 Review this morning, excluding goals for next week because I am still thinking on those.  I need to wake up a bit more before I post those.

Goals.  One goal I want to attack this coming week is to work on and send that V5 called “The Howling” on the Langohr Boulder in Bozeman.  I can do all the moves – I just have to link them together!  Another project I have going is a green 5.8 at SteepWorld that I named “Chasing Dragons”.  I can get through the crux of halfway up the route, but I cannot get back onto the face to finish the route because my grip strength fails me just enough that I cannot get a good enough hold to match on the last big sidepull and then transfer my left hand over to the next good rest hold after the crux.  I will get it, though!  I know I can do it!  I’m going to go climbing tonight and see if someone will belay me so I can work on it!

I want to do some laps on the auto-belays tonight when I go to the climbing gym – if the kids are not tied to them like leashes by their parents, that is.  If they are, I might just set the kids free and use the auto-belays like they are intended to be used – to climb with!  The parents can worry about finding and supervising their children.  I know.  New concept, right?  I wonder how it will go over?  I think I would like to find out.

I need to work on some more goals, but those are just a few.  I climbed hard yesterday, and am glad that the climbing gym does not open until 1600 hrs today.  That gives me time to go to my doctor’s appointment, rest, get some other things done today, and all that before I climb.  I should go to the dealership and get my oil changed in my truck today.  I might do that, too.  It depends on how my day goes.  Tomorrow might be better for that…

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