Ordered some Lowa Rocket Lace climbing shoes…

There are instances where I am going to need a climbing shoe with laces, such as outdoor crack climbing and the like.  For this reason, I decided today to order two pairs of Lowa Rocket Lace climbing shoes.  They are the same as the Lowa Rocket climbing shoes, except they have laces instead of the slipper-style with Velcro strap fastening system.  I ordered the same size – 7.5 (M) US – in hopes that the Rocket Lace climbing shoes will fit the same or similarly enough to the original Rocket climbing shoes to work for those situations where I need a lace-up rock shoe.  If they do not work, I guess I can always return them or sell them to someone for whom they will work.

I am incredibly impressed with the Lowa Rocket climbing shoes, and that is why I am willing to try out their lace-up version of the shoe.  This shoe is just everything I have ever wanted in a climbing shoe and I hope that Lowa continues to make the Lowa Rocket climbing shoes, even with the new lace-up version that they came out with this year (2018).  We will see how I like the Rocket Lace climbing shoes.  Updates pending…

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