Alpine start!

I managed to get an alpine start again today! Now I have to make good use of my time. I’m warming up on the exercise bike on the mezzanine for starters. After that, I have to decide what type of climbing I’m up for this morning. Should I project “Chasing Dragons”? Should I boulder on the upper bouldering wall and take it easy with no expectations? Should I attempt something on the main bouldering wall? Should I focus on auto-belay routes that are challenging? Should I stick with the speed routes on auto-belay that I know I can send and do endurance laps on them? What a decision to have to make! Maybe I’ll do all of those!

Climbing is therapy for me and holds a very special place in my life. I have all the potential in the world to explore it as I learn more, get more fit, and lose weight. It’s endless! I can never climb everything there is to climb, no matter how much time or how many resources I have available to me! That’s the great part. Even better, though, is the camaraderie amongst fellow climbers and the effect that climbing has on me! I just get lost in the movement across the rock and my body and my mind are free when I climb. It’s amazing. There are no words…

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