A gift for McKenzie

McKenzie’s birthday is Friday, so I had the perfect birthday gift for her.  I gave her a copy of Volume 2 of my blog book collection (there are two, so now I can call it a collection).  She loved it!  She had me sign it for her.  I’m glad she liked it.  It should be good reading when she’s in the mood for distraction.  I didn’t edit out any posts, so she’s getting every day that I wrote a post’s worth of material to muddle through at her leisure.  I told her there were all kinds of things in there, and she thought it was all the more fantastic for it.

I didn’t climb this morning because it was so cold in the gym.  I just couldn’t get warmed up, and being tired, I didn’t want to climb without being good and warmed up.  Cold and tired equals injuries in my world.  As a matter of fact, since Squiggle Bug and Gramma and I just got back from the park and had our snack together, Aunt Chris is going to take a nap before she has to watch Squiggle Bug by herself tonight!  More later.  I’m going to bed!

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