A crucial quote…

“Know your limitations and ignore them.”  – Lou Renner

This is a crucial quote for me.  Lou said this after having made 55 attempts in one year so far on the same bouldering problem.  He’s ever-so-close, yet still so far from sending it…  It’s as if the stars must align perfectly sometimes for a clean send of a project such as this one to become reality.  Instead of getting frustrated, as most people would, Lou gets more motivated.  He trains harder; he doesn’t give up.  He recognizes his limitations and ignores them.  Nothing will stop him from sending his project.  Of that, I am quite sure!

I definitely have my limitations.  I let them get in the way sometimes.  I need to just ignore my limitations and go for it.  No excuses, no anxiety, no fear, no disappointment, no expectations, no negativity, no anything – just go for it!  Leon doesn’t have limitations; he doesn’t allow himself to.  Sheer determination gets that man to the top of his projects.  That makes him a great climber.  I know my limitations.  Now I just have to ignore them!

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