Strunk and White’s

The Elements of Style by Strunk and White, or more commonly referred to as just “Strunk and White’s” by people who use it a lot, is a handy little reference guide to grammar that everybody who ever writes anything should read.  I mean that.  It is a primer on the basics of writing that cannot and should not be overlooked by any.  There’s even an updated version, which contains some newer style points that I disagree with somewhat, but they’re commonly accepted in today’s writing community, so I guess I’ll go with them.  Whether you use the older version or this year’s updated version, though, use it!  There are all kinds of used copies you can buy from and I’m sure every used bookstore that has any respectable procurers of books will have a copy or two in it.  This is not a hard book to find, nor is it a heavy tome that weighs more than you do.  It’s a small book, easily carried in the space of a large-screen cellphone pocket, and is invaluable if you want to be taken seriously in your writing.  The new version includes the entirety of the older version plus two extra chapters, a study guide, and a note-taking section in the back.  It’s a bit larger in size, but I can’t find any difference in the thickness of the book.  In other words, there is no excuse not to find this book and read through it for an education in proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling.  Autocorrect isn’t always “correct” and your grammar will determine things like whether or not you get the job you desperately want in some cases.  It’s definitely worth it to be able to write and speak well when presenting yourself to the world!

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