Revised MyClimb Fall Challenge 2018 goals

So, this coming week is going to be better. Here are my goals for the week –

1. CLIMB every day this week, even if it is the minimal amount of climbing that I need to chase the soreness out of my body. Once I get on the wall, my world changes, so I just need to get on the wall!

2. Send a minimum of 10 problems or routes per climbing session. I’m behind in my schedule for making my 100 completed climbs for the MyClimb 100-Climb Monthly Challenge, so I’ve got to catch up some, here! With 20 days left in September, if I miss a few days, I’ll still be okay if I adhere to that goal of 10 sends per session.

3. Get a good warm-up in before every session. I find myself wanting to climb right away, but I know the warm-up feels good after the initial 12-15 minutes passes, too. I need to get the blood flowing better before I climb so that I don’t risk injury.

4. Practice and get proficient at visualization…then get on the problem or route and attempt it! In other words, analyze the problem or route briefly, but don’t overthink it. At some point, I have to just get on the wall and do it! I’m going to work on that this week.

5. Take care of myself in general. Go to my doctor’s appointments, call my doctor if I need a coaching moment, keep taking my meds, work on the positive projects that I have going, draw on my climbing support system, and remember that, if shit gets too heavy, I can always go climbing! (Pardon my language, as I mean no offense to anyone.)

6. Get at least one video of me climbing posted for group feedback.

REVISED September Challenge Goals

1. CLIMB!!! And use lots of exclamation points!!! 😉
2. Complete the MyClimb 100-Climb Monthly Challenge
3. Enjoy the movement of climbing on the wall and really get into the flow of climbing to reduce stress in my life.
4. Video some of my climbs to post for feedback from the group – at least one per week.
5. Be bold. Try things that I don’t think I can accomplish purposely. This will not only spice things up, but will also help me motivate and push myself to learn new techniques and maneuvers on the wall.
6. Climb 5.9 well enough to lead climb a 5.9 and get certified to lead climb at my climbing gym.
7. Visualize my climbs before I attempt them using the method that Lou taught me when he was here in Montana.
8. Redpoint “The Howling”, V5, on the Langohr Boulder in Bozeman, Montana, and record it if possible for the group to see.

I could go on and on, but I’ll stop there for now. We’ll see what happens this next week. All I want to do is climb and write about climbing and climbing stuff! They seem like simple needs with a clear path to accomplishment, but it’s a lifestyle. With lifestyle comes all kinds of interference!!! I’m learning this the hard way… I will not be deterred!!! Did I mention that I’m stubborn?

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