Photos from Leon!

Leon sends out Christmas cards every year with a photo of him climbing on them.  Today, the package that he sent me with his photos from every year since 1992 arrived in my mailbox.  I was so excited!  I carefully opened the envelope and read the note he enclosed with them.  He said he hoped I enjoyed them.  I thoroughly enjoyed them!  One by one, I looked through them, stacking them carefully in order so that I wouldn’t get them mixed up.  Leon is quite the mountain man!  He ice climbs, trad climbs, boulders…  Wow!  Has he ever been to some neat places climbing, too!  Norway, Bolivia, Russia, France, all over the States…  Leon is quite the accomplished climber in my book, and I’m honored to have him as a dear friend.  I look forward to climbing with him again very soon.  IMG_2208

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