Taking it easy today…

jxYd8tQVRhSMG7FWPQxI9g  My toes are telling me to take it easy today.  After two days in a row of traveling, climbing, and taking photos in Bozeman, I’m going to homebody for a day, I think.  I might go to the climbing gym, anyway.  Later.  When I feel like I can sit upright in my chair without falling over.  The funny thing is that, when I’m climbing, I don’t feel pain.  All I’m focused on is my body position and where I’m going next with the movement.  I’m not thinking, “Wow, that kind of torque on my toes could really bruise some tissue!”  As for this photo, it was only a week later, and after many showers, that I realized that my toes were bruised and not merely dirty.  They bother a bit until I get focused, but then I don’t mind them at all.  The tenderness wears off the minute I get comfy in my climbing shoes – the Lowa Rockets, size 7.5 (M) US.  This isn’t all to say that I’m not observant.  I just keep climbing, regardless of what the non-debilitating problem might be.  If there’s a debilitating problem, I attempt to work around it.  Climb, I must!  After I rest up a bit, that is…

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