A welcome visit from Squiggle Bug!

An unexpected visit from Squiggle Bug made today a fantastic Friday!  My sister-in-law got called in for a half-shift and my brother called to see if we were available to watch Cullen for a bit.  We made it back in time to watch him.  He’s so funny!  He has the best time with a plastic McDonald’s cup and a plastic straw, so I saved mine from my ice tea for him.  He walks back and forth through the little corridor we have for him between the bedroom and the kitchen.  He hides right behind the chair I’m sitting in and waits for me to turn my head far enough to see him, then runs with glee, screaming and laughing because I saw him, haha!  He puts the cup and the straw in the neon green bucket, then takes them out again.  He makes kitty sounds and purrs because his folks have five cats.  Every time he sees a cat or a dog outside during our walks, he purrs at them, talking to them.  He loves to clap and play and he’s a good-looking boy, especially when he flashes his 14mo smile!  His toys are in a neon green tote at the foot of the bed and the best part is to take his things out, one by one, and then chew on the lid.  He’s walking well, now, and is a lot of fun.  Always exploring!!!  He’s a little sponge absorbing everything, and he doesn’t miss a thing!  He loves music, and has a great sense of rhythm, too.  He’s a remarkable little fellow and much-loved by his Aunt Chris…

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