Round two of photography in Bozeman

Yesterday was sunny.  Very sunny…  That was good for some of my photos, but not so much for others.  Let’s call it 50/50.  Today, it’s supposed to be mostly cloudy with a 20% chance of rain.  That’ll be better for photographing the other half of my “subjects”.  Some of the Bozeman Six boulder photos I took yesterday are so good that they don’t even look real!!!  Those are pretty awesome, if I may say so.  I would’ve climbed during the height of the sun yesterday, but I was feeling tired, so I continued photographing the boulders because I knew the forecast wasn’t going to change.  Today, I might go climbing during the middle of the day simply due to lunch hour and how crazy that gets!  I didn’t know that Bozeman had such an insane period of busy-ness between the hours of 1100 and 1400!  People.  Everywhere.  On foot and on bikes and in cars; carloads of six…  You can definitely tell that the schools and college are back in session due to the sheer number of people rambling about!  During a weekday, though, there aren’t any people on the boulders, which is nice as a photographing body with a rough timeline in my head…  I learned a lot about the city of Bozeman yesterday just from driving around myself and and finding detours to all of the boulders as a result of the construction going on in many areas of the city.  I now know Bozeman much better!  Somehow, driving the roads and detours yourself does something for your pathfinding skills…  If you don’t believe me, go to an unknown city and try it!  You’ll find that, after a day of finding destinations, whether you use a GPS or not (in my case, I used a map beforehand and wrote myself directions on a piece of paper to all of my destinations), that you’re much better acquainted with the city and know where at least a few stores and key landmarks are!  It helps to have a natural sense of direction, but it’s not absolutely necessary.  So we’ll see what the day brings!  I do plan on climbing in Bozeman today between photo shoots, or if it starts raining…

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