Photo shoot of the Bozeman Six

I’m going to Bozeman today to get some good photos of each of the Bozeman Six boulders that Lou, Leon, and I climbed the week before last.  I’m going to use both my iPhone 7S and my iPad Mini 5 to take the photos with because those are the highest-megapixel cameras I own!  Imagine that!  The camera on my phone having a higher number of megapixels than my DSLR camera!!!  That’s pretty cool, because it makes high-quality photos accessible to more people with less expertise on how to use camera gadgetry.  I’m going to try taking some panoramic shots, or “panos”, and see how those turn out.  Lou says they turn out pretty cool because he was experimenting taking them with his camera when he was here in Montana.  I’m going to try to get some angles of the these boulders that reflect how difficult some of the problems we worked and sent really are.  Hopefully I can get to all six boulders at good times of the day where the photos won’t be too overexposed.  It’s supposed to be sunny today and partly cloudy tomorrow.  If I don’t get all the photos today, I might have to go back tomorrow and try getting some lower-light shots, which might be cool, anyway.

I decided not to stay overnight because I really can’t afford to.  My truck is actually fuel efficient enough that filling up the gas tank a couple of times is cheaper than two nights in a hotel in Bozeman, Montana!  That says to me that prices on things are really unreasonable!!!  For hotel rooms, Bozeman stacks on an extra 7% “tourism tax” and an extra 2% “resort tax”.  That’s an extra 9% on top of an already over-priced stay at a hotel that may or may not have a working hot tub, functional (and/or clean) pool, fitness room, breakfast, 24-hour guest service at the desk, and/or other amenities!  A two-night stay with those kinds of taxes turns from doable to impossible by the time you get to paying for the room unless you have a discount means of some sort, for example, being a Veteran or having AAA or AARP.  Not everyone has any of that!  Even the hostel in Bozeman charges $69/night!  Bozeman is just expensive!!!  Or I’m just poor.  It could be a bit of both, I’m willing to admit.  Still, we need to get these prices and things under control!  But I digress…

I hope to get some great photos of the boulders today and show what climbing feats The Bozeman Bombers really accomplished together on 25 Aug 2018 in Bozeman, Montana!!!  Lou and Leon are adding to and editing the first draft of the article on it, so I should have their changes soon, which I’m quite excited about!  The photos will be the icing on the cake!!!  That’s what I’m hoping, at least!  IMG_2212

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