Additional goals for the MyClimb Fall Challenge 2018

I’ve thought some about this, and I have some additional goals for the MyClimb Fall Challenge 2018 that I’d like to throw out there.

  1. Alpine starts every day possible.  This builds discipline.  I need more of that.
  2. Keeping up with my climbing journal/log more consistently.  I taped my notes from my trip the week before last into my climbing journal so that I’d have them readily available for reference where they should be, instead of lost in some pile of long-forgotten papers that get shuffled from here to there.  It’s also a place for fond, positive memories to go, which that experience qualifies as, for sure!
  3. To record and then analyze my own videos of my climbs objectively – what I did well, what needs improvement, and what I need others’ input and help on figuring out.

I think those goals are important and could apply to everyone, too.  I wonder if we’re doing the weekly group challenge during these shorter, one-month challenges?  I’ll have to ask Lou.

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