MyClimb Fall Challenge 2018 goals

So, I’m going to jump the gun and probably have to adjust this somehow, but I’ve got some goals I’d like to post! Some of these would be good for all of us!

1. CLIMB!!! In great volume!!! Complete MyClimb 100-Climb Challenge for September.

2. Video more climbs and post them for the Challenge Team to offer feedback on.

3. Practice and become proficient at visualization.

4. Lose 8-10 lbs this month.

5. Challenge my current climbing level by making up my own problems/routes in the gym. Expand my skill set.

6. Get lead certified at my gym by leading 5.9 routes.

7. Send V3 indoors (can send V3+ outdoors).

8. Improve endurance and technique by climbing laps on the auto-belays.




I have a couple more goals on my list, but they are rather vague and fit more under the heading of “everyday practices”, such as improving and maintaining footwork skills.  A few of the goals above are somewhat vague, as in the sense of not having a clear and quantitative measure of progress, but they are important, nonetheless.  These are the things I want to work on in September.  Some of them are old, some are newer, and a few are brand new, such as visualization (as Lou taught it to me).  Lou’s method of visualization makes sense to me and works for me.  I learned a different method from AJ when he was coaching SteepTeam, and it works okay, too, with the exception of the main point of difference between Lou’s method and AJ’s method – separating the hand holds and the footholds.  In this regard, Lou’s method works better for me.  AJ’s method is helpful in the foothold-selection regard, because AJ always said, “Hand holds become footholds.”  Visualization is definitely on the top of my list with volume climbing as far as getting it figured out goes!  It’s really a game-changer!  If I work hard at it, this month will be as productive as last month, or even better!  The MyClimb Fall Challenge 2018 (September) begins TODAY!!!  CLIMB ON!!!

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