It’s possible to get paid to write?

I was offered the opportunity to write an article about climbing the other day and it pays $35/hr.  I’m honored to be asked to write a climbing article, and shocked that I could actually make some money at it.  I’d never thought of getting paid to write about climbing!  What a fantastic idea!!!  I’m very efficient, so that’s to the employer’s advantage, but still!  Money for climbing articles and reviews!  Wow!!!  I was asked if I would like to do this by someone I really respect for a cause that I wholeheartedly support, on top of it all, which makes it an irresistible opportunity.  After only three hours, I sent a rough draft to my friend and he loved it!  We’re going to tweak it to make it even better and make a major headline piece out of it!  I’m so excited!!!  This is great!  I’ve also been asked if I’m interested in doing a couple of reviews.  Of course!!!  Send me the guidelines and I’ll be all over that!!!  What a compliment to be asked to write articles and reviews for the public that you are trying to reach as a business!!!  That really makes me happy to know that somebody likes my writing that much!!!

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