A rest day for my body…possibly

My body’s telling me today that I should give it a rest from climbing and focus on something different.  I’m sore, yes, but I love climbing and can hardly stand not to climb if I have the opportunity!!!  There are such things as overuse injuries, none of which I want to be a victim of, however.  To prevent this from happening, we take rest days and train in other ways or not at all for a day here and there.  It’s not that I haven’t done anything today, though.

I woke up at 0130 hrs and moved our vehicles back into their parking spaces because we were parked rather far from our apartment due to a function going on in the neighborhood that we live in.  The last two vehicles, both of which were parked right in front of our house, were just leaving as I walked out the door to the sidewalk for my trek to my own truck in order to move it.  So, I moved the vehicles around and was done with that by 0200 hrs.  I was wide awake.  I decided to go back to bed about 0300 hrs and then woke up again at 0340 hrs.  I worked on and finished the MyClimb article about The Bozeman Six Challenge and sent a copy to Lou as an attachment.  Total, I’ve got three hours into it.  I chose some photos just now for Lou to take his pick of for submission along with the article to MyClimb – Projects.  Lou said he was going to let Leon take a look at it before we submitted it and I thought that was a great idea!!!  Leon can add some humor that neither Lou nor I can!  I also went to Hobby Lobby this morning when it first opened to get double-sided Scotch tape and an 18″x24″ poster frame for the anger management poster that I just got in the mail.  Awesome poster.  Needs to go on one of the walls somewhere.  Y9JL0QTgQsuSm5C3OwHWZQI love this poster!  I also taped my notes from the Bozeman Six Challenge and my time with Lou and Leon in Bozeman into my climbing log where they will be available for my ready reference as I progress.  I’m really hitting a climbing performance peak right now and it’s great!  I don’t know how it happened, but I’m digging it!!!  Riding the wave!!!

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