Back in Bozeman for a day…

I decided yesterday that I needed to come back to Bozeman for a little more separation from my personal issues and to revisit the scene of last week’s projects with Lou and Leon. In other words, I just need some time and more climbing. I set out from Billings this morning at 0500 hrs and ended up sleeping in my truck at a rest stop about halfway to Bozeman for an hour. I was exhausted. I finally got into Bozeman at 0800 hrs with daylight to work with, which was better than the darkness of the first leg of the drive up to Bozeman. I stopped at Starbucks to get some “fuel” for my system. Next, I’ll probably hit REI because it’s right across the parking lot from the coffee shop. After that, I’ll go over to Spire (the climbing gym) to warm up and climb for a good, long while. I need to get less than 20 climbs in to reach my August MyClimb 100 Climb Challenge goal. That would be a first for me! I only have today and tomorrow left to accomplish this, and I’m closer than I’ve ever been, so I’m going for it! Bozeman seems a fitting place to further and/or complete the project this month! Updates pending…

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