The brown glass bottle…

My tincture of benzoin compound leaked through the plastic bottle I had put it in and taped up, so I had to transfer the rest of it back into the brown glass bottle that the tincture came in.  I’ll tell you what, my tincture of benzoin compound is definitely sticky!!!  I’m going to try it out first thing tomorrow morning when Lou, Leon, and I begin our Bozeman Six Challenge!!!  The weather’s supposed to be perfect for it and we want to be rested and fresh for the day.

Today, we had breakfast, went to the climbing gym for a little while (I sent a black 5.7 and named it “Aggressive Visualization”), figured out how to download Lou’s photos onto Leon’s tablet, and then had supper before going back to Lou and Leon’s hotel room.  I ran over to my hotel and checked in quick, then took a shower before heading back over to Lou and Leon’s hotel room to watch the Detroit Lions (Leon’s favorite team) play the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  I downloaded some photos from Lou’s camera memory card onto my iPad Mini.  He got some really cool shots of Leon and me climbing!  He even got some video!!!  Tomorrow he’s going to try to capture some more!  This is going to be so great!!!  He got video of me sending a V3- on the Bozeman Pond Boulder!!!  Fantastic!  I climb so much better outdoors!

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