Tincture of benzoin compound

Listen up, because this is a game changer.  Tincture of benzoin compound.  It’s not just benzoin.  It’s benzoin compound.  The added ingredient is Styrax.  It’s a resin.  I’m mixing my own as soon as I get finished with this post.  Tincture of benzoin compound is used in climbing to preserve the skin on your fingertips.  You put a little bit on each fingertip, let it get tacky, then dip your fingers in your climbing chalk.  You might have to reapply it as needed, depending on how much climbing you’re doing and what type of rock you’re climbing on, because it does wear off.  This gives no advantage as far as your fingers sticking to the rock goes.  That’s not what it does, and that’s not its purpose.  What is does do is create an extra layer of “skin” if you will, to take the punishment that your fingers themselves would otherwise be taking.  It only helps the chalk stick the first time you dip your fingers in your chalk when it’s first applied.  What I would suggest as a base is liquid chalk, then you’ll have a good solid foundation to work with.  The advantage of liquid chalk is that it gets in the grooves of your fingers and you’ll find that you need less loose chalk, as well as having enough chalk on your hands and saving your skin that way, too.  If you’re doing an endurance session of climbing, or several days of it in a row, skin care is critical if you’re going to pull it off!!!

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