My own special tincture blend…

Well, we’ll see if it works.  I mixed my own tincture of benzoin compound because I haven’t been able to find any locally, non-locally, or online.  I could, however, find the components necessary to mix my own special tincture blend, which is what I did.  My secret ingredients?  I might consider telling you after I find out how well it works.  All I can say right now is that you have to shake it really well because the components separate after sitting for a bit because one is much more dense than the other, which is the whole point of putting it in there!  Think of mixing room-temperature ice tea with room-temperature molasses and you have a good idea of what I’m talking about.  Then you let it settle for a moment before you open the bottle.

The bottle.  That has been an interesting quest to find as well.  I finally, with the help of a store employee at a small pharmacy here in Bozeman, found some travel bottles that I hope (fingers crossed) will work to contain this concoction of mine.  I wrapped the container in yellow climber’s tape to keep the light out and to strengthen the bottle, since I don’t know if it’s made for this type of thing (I highly doubt this is what the manufacturers had in mind, actually).  I’m sure the manufacturers were thinking more along the lines of shampoo and conditioner when they decided how to go about making these bottles and what to make them out of…  We’re going to find out, though!  It’s a grand experiment!!!  I knew my organic chemistry would come in handy someday!!!  Updates pending…

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