A wise change of plans

Lou just called me.  Leon’s kind of banged up and bruised from yesterday.  Lou and I are both kind of sore today.  Is tomorrow really the best day to go for the Bozeman Six?  We want to be fresh and we don’t want to be in pain, so we decided that we’d push our Bozeman Six Endurance Challenge back to Saturday.  I think that’s a wise change of plans.  Tomorrow, we’re going to meet at 0930 hrs for breakfast and do a light warm-up – either a hike or a session at the gym – to get the blood flowing, and then we should be good to go for Saturday’s historic bid on the boulders.  That gives us all a breather and will allow for that muscle and those bruises to heal up better.  Once we get going on the boulders, Lou and I are sure that we’ll all just go to exhaustion, so having that extra day to try again really wouldn’t be as good as doing it right the first time, anyway.  I think we’re going to blow this thing away!!!  We’ll talk about it more at breakfast tomorrow morning…

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