Get Air trampoline park

Mom and I went to the trampoline park yesterday instead of going to the fair this year, and it was by far a lot more fun!!!  There were ramps of trampolines that went up walls and ninja courses to navigate through, and oh, you name it, and they had it!!!  We stood in line waiting our turn to purchase our admission bands and socks.  They have special trampoline socks that have grippy bottoms so that you don’t slip and so that the trampolines don’t get damaged.  We got to the desk and the girl who was helping us asked, “Would you like to stay for two hours or three?”  I told her we were thinking more like one hour.  “Okay,” she replied smiling.  Little did I know at the time how much exercise we were going to get in just that one hour!!!  I told her that we’d filled out our waivers online and that we each needed a pair of socks.  “That’ll be $32.”  My mom handed her a $50 bill and received the change.  We were outfitted with blue wristbands indicating that we had an hour to climb beginning at noon and then we headed over to the cubby area where we could put our special socks on.  My mom was concerned as to whether or not they were washed.  I told her they were new (we’d had to cut the tie to separate them just moments earlier).  “Oh, and then we give them back?”  I explained to her that we’d just bought them and that they were ours.  You just bring them back the next time you come instead of buying another pair every time you come in. Important note here – turn these inside-out to wash them and don’t put them in the dryer as not to damage the grippies on the bottoms!  Anyway, once my mom understood that, she excitedly put her grippy socks on and was sitting there waiting for me to get mine on.  It was four past noon when we headed up the steps to the trampoline area…

Watching my mom get on a trampoline for the first time was priceless!  It was only my second time on a trampoline in my life, so I was in the same boat, because I’d never learned to bounce on one, either, haha!  We laughed like little kids as we bounced all over the place and tried to keep our balance without falling over, getting winded quickly as we did so!  We both stopped to take a rest, giggling and panting, commenting to each other how tired our calves were already, haha!  It was so much fun!!!

We went over to the ninja course.  My mom found a rock climbing section.  “Show me your rock climbing!”  I must say that it’s much more difficult rock climbing in grippy socks than in climbing shoes or barefoot, especially when you choose the difficult side to climb on instead of the opposite wall, which was the easy side.  I fell halfway across onto mats that were about as firm as the mats at the climbing gym (not very soft) and laughed as I laid there for a few moments catching my breath.  I climbed out of the pit and sat down to rest, as I was winded and my mom laughed.  We watched the kids play on the ninja course and Mom said to me, “By next summer, you’ll be able to do that.”  She’s ever-encouraging about my weight loss, and I’m eternally grateful to her for that.  My mom always has hope.  I’ve lost 16 lbs in a little over a month, though, so that could finally become a reality if this keeps up!!!  I sincerely hope it does!!!

We finished our hour with me doing a few three-minute long bouncing sessions as my mom timed me and then her bouncing once last time so I could get a short video and some photos of her on the trampoline with her new haircut.  Those turned out great, especially the video!!!  We exited the trampoline area on our own at 1300 hrs and got our shoes and socks back on, both feeling very satisfied with our experience at the trampoline park.  It had been so much fun!!!  And we didn’t even have to deal with the heat because it was nice and air conditioned in the building (vs. the fairgrounds, which would’ve been a scorching 95ºF by that time, had we been there).  The best part was that this had all been my mom’s idea!  I told her it was the best idea ever and gave her a hug.  We enjoyed a $1 iced tea each at McDonald’s on the way back to my apartment, and then I bade my mom farewell for the day.  It was about 1400 hrs.  I was so happy!!!  What a great day with my mom!!!

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