The Bozeman Six map

fullsizeoutput_79fThis is a map of the city of Bozeman, Montana that I marked the locations of all six of the artificial boulders on, as well as marking a square for the location of the climbing gym there.  Lou, Leon, and I will use this map to navigate between boulders while they are here next week and we have some fun!  I’m staying up in Bozeman for a couple of nights, then coming back to Billings for my husband’s and my 13th wedding anniversary, then going back up to Bozeman to stay for another couple of nights.  Gotta capitalize on the time that Lou and Leon are here because I never know when I’m going to get to see them again!!!  We had such a great time climbing together last year, and I look forward to having a great time again this year!!!  I can’t wait!!!

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