A day with Mom

My mom and I usually go to the Montana State Fair for a day every year to look at the exhibits, but the last couple of years have been very disappointing, especially in their judging of the winners of the artwork, and the artwork entries themselves.  Our favorite part has always been the real lemonade from this one particular lemonade stand.  My mom proposed that this year, instead of spending a day in the intense heat wandering around at MontanaFair, we do something different.  She wants to get a new hairstyle.  My mom has had the same hairstyle since before I was born, and that was almost 38 years ago!!!  So, that’s a big deal for her.  I think it’ll be fun!!!  Her suggestion was that, after she gets her hair cut, we go to lunch, and then check out the trampoline park.  Excellent idea!!!  All of that is in the air conditioning and sounds like a grand plan!!!

Today’s the day.  My mom gets a new hairstyle after almost four decades.  I’m glad I get to be with her when she gets it done.  She’s French-braided her hair for the last 40 years and wants something different – something more towel-dry-and-go.  I think it’s exciting!  My mom’s making a big change for herself!  She was worried initially, but I told her that hair’s like grass…it grows back (for her, at least). We’re not talking about a bald guy, after all!!!  If she doesn’t like the first one, she can always let her hair grow a bit and then choose a different one! Then lunch.  I’m thinking we should have a light lunch if we’re going to go jump on the trampolines.  After that, it’s off to the trampoline park!  Neither of us has ever been in there.  This is going to be so much fun!  My mom is in her early 70’s and wants to go to the trampoline park to spend time with me.  What a great mom!!!  If we like it, we can take Squiggle Bug when he gets a little older, too!  We have a great day planned!  The best part is that the trampoline park is just up the street from the climbing gym.  I’m thinking that maybe, if we have time, I can show my mom SteepWorld, where I climb all the time and where I’m going to teach Squiggle Bug to climb when he gets a little older.  I think my mom would be very impressed with my climbing gym.  We’ll see, though.  We might just exhaust ourselves jumping on the trampolines!!!  What a great plan!!!  I’m really looking forward to today.  I think it’s going to be worth missing that one small $4.00 cup of real lemonade that Mom and I share at the fair every year…  Updates (and photos) pending!!!

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