Locating the Bozeman Six by description…

I received my Bozeman City Maps in the mail today and excitedly went to work trying to mark the locations of the Bozeman Six on one of them based on the descriptions and landmarks I could find on the internet.  I quickly realized that I had to dig deep into my memory to add to that mix my own experience of the boulders last year in order to more accurately approximate where they all were.  In short, these things are hard to find if you’re not from Bozeman!  Even if you are from Bozeman, no hard, fast addresses exist for the Bozeman Six and there’s no map that clearly shows the locations of all six (soon to be seven) of them on one readable spread!!!  One of my projects, I’ve decided, is to mark the exact locations of, and give detailed directions to, each one of these artificial boulders in Bozeman, as I left one of the two maps that I asked for clean for that purpose.  Then I’m going to post it on my blog so that others can enjoy this unique aspect of the city of Bozeman, Montana!  As it stands, the task takes a couple of hours with what’s available and my own past experience from last year on Labor Day.  I hope to provide something to the climbing community that they can use through this map-marking presentation on my page.  That’s the plan, at least.  I must say that the Chamber of Commerce has quite good maps of the city, though.  Good enough to be able to do a little research with some local knowledge and figure out the approximate location of an artificial boulder or six!  So, to the Bozeman Chamber of Commerce, thank you for the high-quality maps!!!  I really appreciate you sending them to me!!!  I hope to enrich everyone’s experience of your city with my project!

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