We have to live while we’re dying

XG1fQbfqTCyloYoIKd9QYwI created this last night before I went to bed.  I recently found out that a good climbing buddy of mine has a disease that’s eventually going to kill him.  It’s been hard to take – hard to wrap my mind around.  But aren’t we all dying?  A little more every day?  Are we living while we’re dying?  I’d rather live while I die.  Yes, each day, I get closer to that day that will be my last, and who knows when that is.  It could be today.  It could be 70 years from now.  That’s why I’m dedicating this work of art to my friend, whom I want to encourage to continue to live while he’s dying.  I climb every day, and I’m glad.  That means I’m living while I can, and climbing makes me happy, so I’m doing everything I can to make sure my life counts for something, even if it’s just existing in my own mind space.  This work of art was created with that in mind.  Can you tell who has the disease in this piece?  No, because we all have the disease!  Mortality is frail, yet strong in influence.  We continue to live on through those we make an impression on or pal around with.  So live while you die.  You only get one life!!!  This is your chance!!!  Make it great!!!

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