Lou and Leon are coming to Montana!

I AM SO INCREDIBLY PSYCHED!!! My friend Leon from Hartford on the East Coast and my friend Lou from Santa Cruz on the West Coast are arriving in Montana on 19 August 2018! These guys are two of my best climbing buddies!!! They and the collective energy we share when we climb together makes a stellar difference in my climbing! You wouldn’t believe I was the same person when I climb with these guys! The stoke is high for all three of us, too! It’s exciting to realize just how far you can push yourself and what you can really do in a small team with these guys! We have such a fantastic time together, too! Lots of serious effort and lots of laughs, all rolled into one marathon climbing session, every session. This will come on the heels of a State-mandated mental status exam that I have to go through next Tuesday, which is already stressing me beyond my ability to cope, so it’ll be a more-than-welcome and perfectly-timed visit!!!

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