Warming up before you climb…

My friend and mentor Lou reminded me outright that I need to warm up well before I climb when he noticed that one of my climbing sessions included all project and no warm-up routes.  I agree with him.  I do need to warm up.  WARMING UP BEFORE YOU CLIMB HELPS PREVENT INJURY!!!  I won’t repeat it because that would infer that I think you didn’t get it the first time I said it.  Warming up is part of climbing.  It’s my least favorite part, I have to admit, but it’s part of it, nevertheless.  It’s something that you must do if you want to remain healthy and climb your best.

So how do you warm up properly?  Well, that’s the subject of much debate!!!  I’m going to poll my Genesis Challenge Team on that very subject today in a post to our group page on Facebook and find out what they think and how they all warm up for their best climbing.  Updates pending…

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