Waiting at the VA…

It’s quiet this morning, sitting in the specialty building of the VA Community Based Outpatient Clinic. I sit comfortably at a table near the vending machines, which have everything from TV dinners to soda to string cheese in them for people who have a long wait to take advantage of.  It’s a nice facility.  Daylight comes in and lights the waiting room from the side skylight windows up high, giving the space a large, open feeling.  The microwave sits on the table next to the condiments, which is, in turn, next to the coffee pot. I enjoy a ham and cheddar Hot Pocket and a soda while I wait for my appointment with the orthopedic Physician’s Assistant, whom I have never met. The old orthopedic surgeon finally retired at the age of 80 this last year. I’m not sure what to expect of this visit. It’s been a few months since the problem began presenting itself, and it has since settled down some, in inflammation, at least. It’s still present and it still limits mobility in my wrist and causes pain, but it’s not like it was. I took photos, which are on my phone, thank goodness, or there would be no record other than my doctor’s notes and referral for the extent of the inflammation of the thing! This PA is supposed to be experienced and was recruited from one of the hospitals in town, here, so I hope she can shed some light on what might be going on with my wrist. At this point, I kind of hope that we just figure out what’s going on and don’t have to have any shots or anything like that. Sometimes it’s better to wait until it’s absolutely necessary for those types of things. Cortisone is likely what the shot would be, and cortisone interferes with cartilage development and maintenance in the body, so it could cause a whole different and additional problem for someone like myself who already has osteoarthritis. I guess we’ll find out in a little bit when I see this provider…

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