Shoe farts

Yes, you read the title right. Shoe farts. They often happen when you have a pair of climbing shoes that fit your feet perfectly and are well broken in. If you’re new to the climbing community, you might be embarrassed by these at first, not knowing that they’re perfectly normal and a good sign! When you put a pair of climbing shoes on and get a shoe fart or puff of air indicating that your foot is absolutely seated in that shoe, it’s very satisfying! It’s the sound you hope for, as a matter of fact! As one of those people who has had to search long and hard for the perfect climbing shoes for my feet, I love shoe farts!!! I walk along proudly, letting shoe farts fly throughout the climbing gym and around the crag! If you’ve found the right shoes, you know exactly what I’m talking about. If not, keep searching. You’ll find that perfect climbing shoe someday and be able to make your own shoe farts with confidence! Don’t give up!!!

2 thoughts on “Shoe farts

  1. Hey! I just purchased my first pair of climbing shoes and they fart a bit when a walk around in them. I tried on several different shoes to find these ones fit the best. They sit very snug around my foot, a bit uncomfortable but not at all painful. They are the La Sportiva Tarantulace. Was just wondering if its a bad fit or if its the “normal” kind of shoe fart hehe

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    1. Sounds like the normal kind of shoe fart, Joel. If the shoe fits, wear it! Whatever gets you up the wall is what you should wear. Climbing shoes don’t have to be horribly uncomfortable or tight to be the right fit for your feet. Use what works for you! Thanks for commenting, and that was an excellent question! Hope this helps!


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