Not today

Okay, moment of silence over.  Now we have to live life to the fullest!!!  I went to church this morning and decided I’d give climbing a rest for one more day because my neck muscles are still pretty sore on both sides.  In giving climbing a rest for today, I’m actually giving it a rest for tomorrow, too, since the climbing gym is closed for setting on Mondays.  Oh, well.  If it’s nice out, I might go bouldering outside!!!  That’s actually a great idea!!!  I have yet to climb outdoors this season, and it’s killing me.  Bouldering just requires yourself, your climbing shoes, your chalk, and your bouldering pad.  I wear a helmet, too.  Yeah, I’m a nerd, but considering what I’m going through with this fall I took off the top of the bouldering wall in the climbing gym the other day, I think helmets are a great idea!  The great outdoors are great for bad landings, too!  I’d rather not scramble my brain any further, thanks.  Permanent brain damage just doesn’t appeal to me…

I feel so exhausted today for some reason.  Just plain tired.  I think I’m going to take a nap after I have some lunch here in a bit.  I don’t feel the best today, and I think it’s due to a lot of things, stress and injuries included.  I’ve got a lot going on right now to keep track of and I have to get some things done, but I also need to rest if I feel like I need to rest.  I certainly do!  I have a headache today on top of having the aching muscles in my neck.  Everything has to work its way out, I guess.  Ah, there was a big yawn.  Big yawns are a sure sign that I need to sleep.  I’m going to sleep!  Talk to you later!!!

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