Went and watched the climbing comp

Well, I went and watched the SteepWorld Climbing and Fitness Pull Party go down last night.  I saw my buddy AJ for the first time in many months.  He looked good.  He spent his birthday in Ten Sleep climbing, as is his custom, and he was tan from that, haha.  I saw Taylor, another buddy of mine, and he’s doing well.  He finds out about a major move in life on Monday.  Then Brian came in.  Brian!  Yes!  It turns out he’s going through a major move in life on Monday, too.  It’ll be better for him, though.  He’ll be fine.  I wished I was climbing, so I could climb with Brian, but I served as moral support.  He and I both hate climbing in front of an audience…  He did well, though, once he got going.  I convinced him not to leave right away due to the number of people there.  There was actually quite a turnout for this event, which I was surprised at.  A lot of people who didn’t know the rules, too.  Dillon broke his foot – same foot he messed up last year – mountain biking.  Again.  He needs to stop mountain biking!  He’s in a cast this time with a screw in his navicular bone and great potential for arthritis at a young age.  He has no idea…  Arthritis is brutal!!!  I can tell you!!!  I saw Emily.  She seemed a little cool toward me.  Just my perception, maybe.  McKenzie was glad to see me.  Talked to Megan for a bit.  Made the rounds by just sitting and witnessing for Brian and guarding his stuff, haha!  Did the secret handshake with Scott, one of the owners.  Didn’t see Jim.  It was fun watching people fall off the wall.  There were some great attempts made!!!

Woke up from a nightmare at 0231 hrs this morning, so I decided to get up, write this post, and listen to “Gravedigger” by the Dave Matthews Band over and over with my Aftershokz headphones on…  I used to be great at a lot of things.  Truly great.  I had a lot of potential.  I could’ve been a professional musician.  I could’ve been a professional artist.  I could’ve been a doctor.  I was a police officer and a machine gunner and an armorer and a fitness trainer.  I was a Buck Sergeant in the military.  I could’ve been a military retiree next year…  I was an EMT.  I could’ve been so much.  I’m limping along right now as a rock climber awaiting a visit to the orthopedic doctor for my left wrist, going nuts in the process.  The ortho can’t see me until the 31st of July!!!  That’s still a week and a half away!!!  I’m going to crash before then!!!  I’ve finally found my calling in life and I’m being held up by waiting for these appointments!  Just get it done!!!  Time for some Hugh Laurie on the headphones…  Nope.  Back to Dave Matthews.  “Don’t Drink The Water”.

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