My BeastMaker 2000 is here!!!

Behold, the BeastMaker 2000 from!!! fullsizeoutput_73b  I had to go pick it up at the main post office on the south side of Billings today because the postal service wouldn’t leave it at the door.  The south side is the less-than-ideal-to-be-wandering-around-in side of town.  The main post office is right beside the State Women’s Prison…  Plenty of homeless, indigent packs of roaming people who drink by day and do drugs by night down in that part of town.  They sleep in South Park.  Good folks live there, too, but the ones on the streets are rough.  It’s south of the railroad tracks.

Anyway, back to the grand package pick-up!  I got a note in my mailbox yesterday saying that the post office had made their “Final Attempt” at delivering a package from France to me.  That was the first I’d heard of it, so it makes me look like the bad guy, and that was completely unfair because I would’ve heard them knock (I was home when they delivered the mail yesterday) if they had knocked, and there was no knocking going on!!! So, not only did they not even try to deliver it, but they also lied about the number of times they had not tried to deliver it!  I’ve been waiting for this for three or four weeks!!!!  I was so angry yesterday!!!  My meds aren’t quite settled yet, so that was part of it.  Another part of it was that it was way too hot outside and I wasn’t feeling well.  The major part of it was that they lied about it, though!  That’s a trip to the south side for me, and I don’t appreciate it!!!  Take that, United States Postal Service!!!

Anyway, I picked it up.  My mom and I went down there together earlier this morning and I picked it up.  It came in this huge box, which was actually two boxes taped together, and it’d had some rough treatment.  It held together and protected what was inside, though!  I’m so excited!!!  My climbing buddy Iggi Moore in the U.K. said that the BeastMaker 2000 is for people who are training 5.12a and above, so if I could hold onto this hangboard, I’d be doing really well.  Well, guess what?!  I can!!!  There are some that I can hang onto and some that I can’t yet, but there are some that I can!!!  What a fantastic surprise!!!  I’m not going all out because of my wrist right now, but  it’s an encouraging sign to me that I have that kind of grip and strength in my fingers, hands, wrists, and forearms!!!

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