Do something badly.

I called the Doc for a coaching moment this afternoon about 10 minutes before 1700 hrs.  My question for him, or my disaster of the day, rather, was that I had no creativity whatsoever.  I told him the things I had tried to cope with my stress today and how every one of them failed due to lack of creativity, and therefore didn’t get done.  “Do something badly,” he said.  “You like to do things really well, and you like them to turn out almost perfect, so do something badly.  Draw a flower, like a little kid would draw a flower, and splash some watercolor paint on it.  Do something badly.”  So here’s my attempt at doing something badly:  sEbqA%%TQyu7L+i5l6M8cg  I started with the flower.  I drew it with my mechanical drafting pencil.  Then I drew in the mountains.  After that, penciled in the sun.  Then came the watercolor paint.  I did the leaves of the flower first.  I did the center of the flower in one color of yellow and the sun in a different color.  Now came the fun part of watercolor – laying down a layer of water for the color to just run around in.  I began with the mountains and Payne’s grey.  The hills and meadow were done with viridian, and finally, the sky was the finishing touch, with cobalt blue.  Do you want to know the only thing wrong with this picture?  The flower!!!  It looks like a little kid did it!  It’s right in the middle of the painting and it’s way too big to be where it is, and it’s in the wrong place, even if it was the right size!  I did something badly!!!  Success!!!

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