Learning to play the guitar

I’ve played many musical instruments in my life, and I began learning the guitar (self-taught) a few years ago, but then had a rough patch in my life when I stopped playing.  I picked up my guitar again the other day and plan on learning to play classical, finger-style, and pick guitar.  I already have finger-style down somewhat, but have no idea what to do with a pick.  My guitar, since it has nylon strings (it’s a classical guitar), needs some tender, loving care if I’m going to use a pick on the strings, so I found a very special pick.  It’s called SkinTone (patent pending), and is a leather pick, which will be easy on the strings, and still allow me to learn how to play the guitar with a pick.  It produces this awesome mellow tone, too!  Like nothing I’ve ever heard!!!  Pretty awesome.  Anyway, I need to learn to play the guitar, because there’s got to be a celebration of the day’s climbing around the campfire with someone to pretend they know how to play the guitar so everyone can yodel along, right?!  Right.

I found this guitar course called J.U.S.T.I.N. (Just Use Sound To Improve Now) by http://www.JustinGuitar.com, and I like it a lot.  I play by ear a lot as it is.  I also found this outfit online that publishes the ideal blank manuscript/TAB/fretboard notebooks for the guitar so that I can compose my own songs or transpose songs or whatever I feel like doing in them!!!  It’s called, “The Guitarist’s Big Black Book 2”, published by http://www.TrueFire.com and sold by http://www.BestMusicStuff.com at a very reasonable price.  I really like the layout and the consideration that’s gone into this masterpiece-maker of a book!  I also have Guitar Pro 7.5 on my computer for more formal tasks and arrangements.  I’m still figuring out what all it can do.  I’m very impressed with it, so far.  I’ve used Guitar Pro for a couple of years, now, but in a limited capacity because I was just poking at it once in a great while.  Now, I’ve submitted a piece that I composed to my church for the new hymnal that they’re putting together.  I hope they choose my composition, even if they add to it to make it a piano piece or something like that!  It would be an honor, even though my name won’t be on it because I submitted it anonymously.  I’ll know…and hopefully people will enjoy it in the worship services!!!  It’s especially important to be able to strum and yodel around a climbers’ campfire, though.  Priority #2, after Priority #1, Climbing!!!

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