I got my wrist x-rayed…

I really like the x-ray tech that we have at the VA clinic.  Really nice fellow.  He got me in for my wrist x-ray an hour early!  Saves me a lot of time when people can do things like that.  He’s been doing this a long time, so it only takes him five minutes to do something like a wrist x-ray.  So, unofficially, from what I could see, there’s no bone involvement.  Only at one angle can you even see that the lump exists because the borders of the tissue indicate that there’s a bulge there.  That’s it.  Nothing to see.  No bone involvement is a really good sign!!!  So, I’m looking at a cortisone shot, which will hopefully make this lump go away and everything will be peachy and not painful anymore.  The x-ray tech showed me a similar lump to mine, except his was on one of his metacarpal knuckles.  He said it didn’t bother him much, other than looking funny, but that mine was in a spot where there was a lot of articulation and it causes pain, so it was something they should do something about.  He said that when they do surgery, they often come back, and I told him about the cortisone shot plan.  He thought that was a smarter idea to start out with, as do I.  When the official results come in, I’m sure my doctor will just have me come in for a cortisone shot.  Hopefully I don’t have to wait to get an appointment with the ortho to get this little shot, or it’s going to take forever, and I need to get back to climbing!!!  I might go back to climbing, anyway, just because I’m tired of being sidelined by this stuff – medication changes, synovial cysts, joint capsule bulges, appointment wait times, cortisone shots… It all contributes to stress, and it doesn’t make it go away!  Climbing makes my stress go away!!!  Therefore, that’s what I should be doing, in my opinion!!!  I’ve felt sick as a dog for a long time, now – on the order of months, but particularly for the last three weeks, and I’m tired of it.  I’ve had it!  I want to go climbing!  I want to play my guitar!  I want to ride my bike!  It might actually rain this afternoon, which would be a nice refresher from all this heat in the 90’s.  Of course, then it will be humid again and we’ll start all over with that.  Oh, well.  Can’t have everything!

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