The doctor’s going to look at my wrist today

Just putting my wrist in this position is painful, and that bump on top is painful when I press on it, and it’s painful to move my wrist in certain ways.  9oD59UTtRiOa83bJAuriCA  This photo is from this morning, pre-doctor’s visit.

IMG_3236  This bottom photo is of my wrist a few days ago.  It looks pretty much the same, except the bump has gotten a bit more pronounced in the last few days and more painful.  Of course, once you notice something, there’s the psychological aspect of the thing, but still, the photos show what they show. I hope the doctor figures it out, though!  I don’t want it to require surgery or anything, but I also want to be able to climb, and I’ll have surgery if that’s what it takes to keep climbing!!!  There’s no question about that!!!  It’s definitely not a ganglion cyst, though.  It’s not one bit squishy, it’s not there all the time, it’s very solid like bone, and it hurts when I touch it or move my wrist into certain positions.  There are some tendon issues it could be, but we’ll see.  Updates pending…

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