Quick update on my wrist

Well, the doctor looked at it, poked and prodded it like he needed to, and determined that we need an x-ray to get a clearer picture of what we’re dealing with.  He’s fairly certain that it’s a synovial (ganglion) cyst that only bulges in a weak spot in the joint capsule when my wrist is in certain positions that put pressure on that capsule.  He said that they’d most likely give me a shot of cortisone in the cyst itself (which is inside the joint capsule) to alleviate the pain and make the cyst shrink to where it doesn’t impede my movement.  He ordered the x-ray to be done tomorrow just before noon and said that the synovial cyst, if that’s what it is, will barely show up as an outline on the x-ray.  Sticking a needle in that lump and injecting cortisone (which will cause pressure) doesn’t sound particularly pleasant to me, but it’s a lot better than surgery!!!  I hope that a cortisone shot is all that it needs!  That would simplify things greatly and I could go back to climbing really soon!!!  I’m just glad it’s on the dorsal aspect of my wrist!  I can imagine much worse things than what’s going on!!!  So, we’ll see what the x-ray shows tomorrow…

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