And on the third day…

And on the third day of being on the target dose of that new medication, I am less sick than I have been, but still not really safe to drive (that’s my conservative opinion). I’m having some blurred vision, which is extremely common with this medication, evidently, as that warning is posted right on the prescription label on the medication bottle. They’re telling the truth! I asked the pharmacist what to do about the fact that the 30mg tablets that I’m supposed to split in half turn to powder when I try to divide them and then I end up licking the medication off the palm of my hand (very bitter). He said the doctor just had to specify the 15mg tablet in a note so the computer didn’t automatically change it. Now I have what I need, thank goodness!!!

Now that I have the proper pills for this dose, I’m waiting to see my psychiatrist this afternoon. And on the third day, I still feel disoriented to a great degree. I do know who I am, though! I’ve learned to look at my ID in my wallet to remind myself, haha!

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