Day Two on the target dose

Well, I can’t say I feel fantastic, because I don’t.  I don’t feel as miserable as I have ever felt, either.  So, all-in-all, it’s not going to be a bad day.  Your day is what you make of it, rain or shine, anyway.  I’ve been working on a song – a hymn, actually – for the past few days to pass the time while I can’t climb, and it’s fun.  I’m composing it for classical guitar using a program called “Guitar Pro 7.5” and I’m using “MasterWriter” to compose the lyrics, although I don’t need the lyric program so much for this particular hymn as I might for other types of poetry or other hymns and songs.

I’ve also gotten my guitar out and played it.  I played a few chords on it and tried out a new leather pick, which gives the sound a mellow, innocently seductive undertone.  I like it a lot.  It would be perfect for a reverent performance of the hymn being composed at the moment.  My church doesn’t allow any instruments except the organ or the piano to be played in church services of any kind, though, so the hymn is mainly for my own use.  Someday, perhaps someone will allow a psalm to be played on stringed instruments (which the piano is, technically) and they will find joy in it…  Until then, I’ll keep the music I’m gifted with to myself.

I can’t wait to get back to climbing!!!  I’m all out of sorts without my daily fix of the steep!!!  It’s been near 100ºF outside for the last several days, so I would’ve been climbing inside the climbing gym, anyway, but still…  I could’ve gone to the climbing gym two and a half hours away and gotten my bike tuned-up while I climbed.  Still gotta do that this month.  My bike needs its warranty tune-up, one way or another.  I need to climb and get all this stiffness and soreness out of my body!  I need to move around and get on the wall and CLIMB!!!  I fear it’s not in the cards for me today, though, because I’m feeling pretty rough.  The meds just kicked in, and it’s going to be another day of mega-adjustment for my mind and my body both.  Here we go…

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