Companies that kill themselves

I’m really disappointed in a company that I’ve ordered from for years.  And I mean years.  The Road iD company, which made the best identification tags ever (past tense), decided to discontinue many of its best products, including the FIXX ID, which was the whole reason I kept coming back to this company for my medical ID needs.  The FIXX ID was a fully customizable, affordable dogtag ID with seven lines of 24 characters each to customize!  That’s unheard of!!!  And I liked it.  I liked it a lot.  It was, according to their company’s website, the first ID they came out with.  They’ve now discontinued it and a few other ID’s that I’ve ordered from them in the past in favor of silicone-banded, neon, six-line ID’s that I can get elsewhere.  I don’t know why they discontinued the ID’s that they did, but I think it was a mistake.  They had the ID’s that got my attention.  Now they have a line of silicone.  I can get a quality ID somewhere else, I guess.  I ordered one last time from them this morning, to give them a chance and try out a new product, but it’ll never be the same.  I’m a Disabled Vet and I need my dogtags.  That’s all there is to it.  There’s a great advantage to having an ID to wear around your neck vs. on your wrist when you’re climbing, too.  Let me count the ways…  If they want to kill themselves off, I guess they can do what they want.  It’s their company.  I’m just really disappointed in them.

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