Lou and Leon are coming in August!!!

I am SO EXCITED!!!  Lou and Leon are coming in August to have another go at “The Six” in Bozeman, and Lou was encouraging me to get back to the climbing gym as soon as I feel even the slightest bit better because they “NEED me on the team!”  This is going to be great!!!  This will be so much fun!  Lou and Leon are both great guys, and close friends, even though they both live so far away from me.  Leon lives on the East Coast and Lou lives on the West Coast, but when we got together last year around Labor Day, it was fantastic!!!  I gained two new family members!  Leon’s sheer determination is what gets him up the climb.  That man has perseverance that won’t quit!  And Lou?  Lou is just a plain good climber.  He practices something called Qi Gong to help focus his energy, and it really works for him!  Then there’s me.  I’m happy just climbing, whether I get to the top or not.  I absolutely love the feeling I get when I’m climbing – it’s pure joy and pure movement across the rock, if I’m fortunate enough to have my mind in the right place, but always pure joy.  It’s even better with my climbing buddies!!!  I’m so stoked just thinking about this reunion at Bozeman!  Maybe they’ll come down and climb at the new climbing gym in Billings one day while they’re here.  Who knows!  I’m not sure how long they’ll be here for, but I plan on spending a lot more time with them this time around if it’s possible.  I need their instruction and experience to rub off on me.  If only I could borrow their brains and download the contents!!!  It’s so much fun when the three of us are together!!!  It is for me, at least.  Leon the Lion is as fierce as they come and Lou is just a beam of pure energy.  These guys really bring out my best climbing!  I learn SO MUCH from them, too!  I’M SO PSYCHED!!!  This med change had better hurry up and straighten itself out because I need to get climbing!!!  Can’t let these guys down!!!

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