Sorry I haven’t posted in a couple of days!

I was watching Squiggle Bug while my brother and my mom baled hay yesterday in the 90-something-degree heat.  My dad was being a curmudgeon and finally decided to take a nap.  Squiggle Bug was having a rather bad day due to the shots at the doctor’s office that he got before we went out to my folks’ house yesterday.  Poor little guy.  He doesn’t do well with shots and just wanted to be held mostly, and he played some.  He wouldn’t have anything to do with Grampa, though.  The doctor gave Squiggle Bug a book titled Underwater Doggies, which he really liked and we looked at that several times yesterday.  He likes books and puppies both.  Squiggle Bug finally fell asleep and got some rest while Grampa was taking a nap.

Seeing how my dad interacts with Squiggle Bug when he’s upset gives me a lot of insight into why my dad and I don’t get along a lot of the time and why I am the way I am…and I’m very protective of Squiggle Bug!!!  At one point, I told my dad that what he was doing wasn’t helping the situation.  I was surprised at how bold I was in telling him that his parenting (and grandparenting) skills were lacking.  That’s when my dad decided to take a nap.  I think it was to avoid an argument.  Better that the argument was avoided, anyway, and everybody needed some rest.  I’d been awake since 0130 hrs in the morning and Squiggle Bug needed some time to get over the trauma of having been stabbed with a bunch of needles again.  I just needed the chaos to settle down a bit!  The old and the young…and I’m almost middle-aged!  Maybe I’m just moldy instead of finely aged.  I don’t know.  I think I’m fermenting…  All I know is that I was tired, hungry, and hot, haha!  Squiggle Bug needed me, though, and he clung to me like my own skin!  He really likes me, anyway, but there was no way he was letting go of me yesterday!  Not after those shots!!!  I was glad I was able to be there for him yesterday.  Aunt Chris will protect you, Squiggle Bug!!!

My mom and my brother ended up with 203 bales off of three acres of hay! Not the most they’ve ever gotten, but they were 70-lb bales, so my uncle’s going to have a good time hefting those onto his trailer!  My aunt and uncle have horses, and they pay my mom for the hay.  It’s really good hay.  It was as tall as I am by the time they got it cut last Saturday!!!  That was due to all the rain this spring and the fact that they just couldn’t get out there to cut it any sooner!  It’s usually only half that height when they cut it, but this year has been odd with the weather and everybody’s schedules.  We got it done, though!  Everybody was tired by the end of the day!

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