A reminder of why I climb

I was sitting in my favorite Subway restaurant looking at posts of my friends’ latest climbing feats on the MyClimb app when I saw some of the photos of the crags they’re climbing in Chamonix. A wave of intense awe and longing welled up immediately inside my chest. I wanted to be on that rock. Climbing. Outdoors. On real rock. That’s something I haven’t had yet this year. I’ve been confined to the climbing gym because of the rain and my lack of social contact with my climbing buddies due to my schedule. That fire within me flared up instantly when I saw those photos of my friends climbing on that rock, though. Climbing outdoors on real rock. That’s what I need!!! I’ve been dragging myself to the climbing gym in stagnation every morning at 0600 hrs only to sit and stare at the walls without activity for a couple of hours and then leaving feeling defeated for the last two weeks. I need to be outside in the fresh air with my climbing buddies tackling a roped route on limestone or dolomite or granite or basalt! I desperately need some real rock climbing!!! The thought of it is invigorating! I’m watching the pouring rain outside the window right now as I write this, though. It’s driving me insane! I need to feel that pure movement of my body across real rock on the crag, that mental freedom and relief from all care and worry that it brings! That’s why I climb. And I need it NOW!!!

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