The Sunday Sesh, No. 7

Happy Father’s Day to all you fathers and influential father figures out there!!!  I wanted to start out today’s Sunday Sesh with that because we don’t tell people how much we appreciate them enough in this world.  So, thank you to all the “dads” out there!!!

Today’s Sunday Sesh is going to focus on my friend and climbing buddy, who also works at my local climbing gym, MP.  I grilled MP about her shoe preferences and here’s what I squeezed out of her…

MP’s favorite climbing shoe is the La Sportiva Testarossa.  I know she’s genuine about this answer because she has several shoes that she alternates between.  So what does she like about them?  Well, she likes the sensitivity of the toe, for one thing.  MP was very taken by the way that the leather of the shoe formed to her feet upon breaking them in, too.  She likes the lace-up fit, and said they were comfortable right out of the box.  Last, but certainly not least, and emphasized heavily by MP, was the heel cup suction fit that the Testarossa shoes have on her feet.  We tried to figure out how to spell the sound made when you get that awesome suction fit, which was quite a lot of fun, but we decided that you climbers out there know what we’re talking about, so until we figure out how to spell it, you’ll have to rely on your own experiences with climbing shoes or the expertise of an experienced climbing buddy, haha!

MP’s street shoe size is 37 EU and she wears a size 36 EU La Sportiva Testarossa climbing shoe.  She sizes down one full EU size for her climbing shoes, which is pretty common amongst the climbers I’ve talked to.  I myself size down one full EU size for most of my La Sportiva climbing shoes, although I would only size down a half size EU in the Testarossas because of their fit, if I were to get a pair.

So that’s the word for today’s Sunday Sesh, No. 7!  I hope you enjoyed it and thank you for reading my blog posts!!!  Have a great rest of your day and enjoy Father’s Day!!!

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